About us and why AIM?

AIM Human Resources Consultancy, Coaching and Training Servicesprovides development services that every corporation and individual may need. Since it was founded, AIM provides services to those sectors.

  • Retail
  • Health
  • IT and Software
  • Logistics
  • Sea and road transport
  • Tourism and Service Industry
  • Automotive and sub-industry
  • White and Durable Goods
  • Food and Drink
  • Insurance, Finance and Banking
  • Textile
  • Fabrication
  • Energy
  • Advertising, Sales and Marketing
  • Telecommunication


Why AIM?

AIM works with a highly professional team, including highly experienced consultants, trainers and coachs who also served as executives. AIM team members worked with 147 national or multinational companies and provided mentoring, coaching and training to more than 4000 persons on different projects.

We provide technical, psychological, theoretical and practical need that our customers may need to preserve and extend their competitive advantage.

  • We offer fast, de luxe, efficient and in place service advantage.
  • Our Coachs, Mentors, Consultants and Trainers has at least 15 years of sector experience and have international certificates or degree certificates.
  • We provide services that creates sustainable competitive advantage and added-value.
  • Instead of using duplicated similar templates, we compose service content according to your needs and implement them with our experience in business world.
  • We product projects collabrating with universities or related trade bodies by being a part of their audition, management or board.